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Need a volunteer with MS Access


January 29, 2009: My computer crashed last week, so at the moment I am rebuilding my development box. I am thankfull I uploaded the code to codeplex or I would have lost it because backing up is something I didnt think I would need until my hard drive crashed yesterday.
Until I can rebuild my computer I need a volunteer with MS Access 2007 to convert the Access database into an MDE file to resolve the issue of RAD Studio not working on Windows 7.
The access database is located in:
Source Code Version: RADStudioClient\Bin\Debug\Database\DataClassBuilder.mdb
The Access database is password protected.
The password for the database is UKeepOut.
If you can convert the file send it to me at   Thank you,
Corby Nichols
Closed Jun 20, 2010 at 5:19 AM by CorbyNichols
Access is no longer support as of the Release of RAD Studio Version 3.6;